Moondaisy Scouts is a fun way to make friends, do challenges and earn super cute badges !

We have regular meetings and a growing collection of badges ! You can get involved as much time as you want !


Check out our badges list online here and at the super pretty scouts house !


Want to join? Talk to any scout, list on website, or with Grace Diana (grace.lemongrass), or Join our discord and we'll help you there. You must be 18 +, adult-ish activities might happen like getting your butt spanked, nudity, etc but if you're looking for sex, you're in the wrong place !

To be a scout you need to work or earn a badge every two months and be present to one meeting / month, but if you can't because of RL, working on badges and discord chat is also ok !


LL TOS should be followed !

No harassment, bullying, racism, homophobia, sexism ! Follow the rules from here.

We have an uniform, for scouts. You don't have to wear it, but it's cute and you get a badge for wearing it. You can find it in the scouts house.


Finding Which Badge To Work on ?


Visit the scouts house here. Then you can browse through the badges, and touching one will give you info what the badge is and how to win it.

Telling us you're working on it !

After you chose one, use the NC you received in SL or Google Docs to fill in what's required, pictures, who was witness, notes while you do it. Tell us on discord the badge(s) you're working on on #badges-started-completed, or in private if you're shy, to TCC members or Scouts Leader. Make sure they got the message, so we can track it. You can also write in world.

Badge Earning Basic Info & Rules !

Most of the badges will need you to do something a number of times in a period. If you are not online in the period, we can make it longer, ask the scouts leader !


If the badge needs a witness, you got to find another scout to be one. Witness should be with you at least half the times, and you should vary them if you can.

CHALLENGE badges have a punishment if you fail, but double points if you do it. You need to announce if you pick the badge with challenge or without when you start it.

It's more fun if you work on your badges in your scouts uniform, if the badge doesn't need you to be dressed another way.

You can't combine badges, unless it says in their description they are mixable, that means you can combine maximum THREE during same time. You can't combine badges of same type (e.g. DRESS-UP with DRESS-UP). 

You can work at maximum 3 badges at the same time ! Don't be greedy :P

Announcing you finished the badge

After you completed, show proof on #badges-started-completed on discord and tag @🌼 Moondaisy TCC, but if you want to censor from proof, do it so. We will write it on discord, and award the badge to you, or not award if you did something bad :(.

If you don't finish a badge you started, you can't try it again for one month and the time to its end stays locked as if you'd still be doing it.

Badge Points

Each badge has points. Who earns the most points in one month, is scout of the month ! Other prizes might happen, which will be talked about at meetings.

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